Keeping the Faith: A Garden in the Wilderness

Pastor Ronnie McBrayer weighs in on the importance of separating church and state.


Bible Quiz: Notable Quotes #2

Checking out this latest Bible Quiz featuring Notable Quotes.


Fast Track to Victory: What to do When We Don’t Understand the Word

If you catch yourself feeling like a second-rate citizen because you don’t understand the word of God, this column is for you…


New from Greg Darley: Wasted Prayer

A provocative new books by Greg Darley explores how prayer can be a stall tactic. Learn more.


Religious Freedom, Hobby Topic of Upcoming Docudrama

Docudrama to Focus on Religious Libery — and how it’s being eroded. Learn more.


Keeping the Faith: Who You Really Are

Pastor Ronnie McBrayer talks about the real you in this Keeping the Faith column.


Bible Quiz, Notable Quotes #1

New Christian Books is launching Bible Quiz — a feature with one question from the Bible. Check it out and sign up to get them in your inbox!


New Christian Books Expanding Social Media Presence

New Christian Books is now on Pinterest! Learn more.


Bible-Based Book on Prayer Released

Born in his own personal storm, Steve Briggs wrote new book sharing what God has done for him.


Keeping the Faith: Praying for Rain

Pastor Ronnie McBrayer talks about faith — the faith that sustains regardless of whether rescue comes, in this Keeping the Faith column.



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