Keeping the Faith: Fight Like a Butterfly

If you’ve ever wanted the easy way out, this Keeping the Faith column is for you.


Bible Quiz: Notables Quotes #3

Take the Bible Quiz! This is Notable Quotes #3.


New Release! Belonging by Ruth O’Neil

A new book by Christian author Ruth O’Neil deals with shyness and isolation.


New Book, Appointed, Brings Hope to the Broken

Revell releases Appointed: Your Future Starts Now by Autumn Miles today.


Keeping the Faith: A Garden in the Wilderness

Pastor Ronnie McBrayer weighs in on the importance of separating church and state.


Bible Quiz: Notable Quotes #2

Checking out this latest Bible Quiz featuring Notable Quotes.


Fast Track to Victory: What to do When We Don’t Understand the Word

If you catch yourself feeling like a second-rate citizen because you don’t understand the word of God, this column is for you…


New from Greg Darley: Wasted Prayer

A provocative new books by Greg Darley explores how prayer can be a stall tactic. Learn more.


Religious Freedom, Hobby Topic of Upcoming Docudrama

Docudrama to Focus on Religious Libery — and how it’s being eroded. Learn more.


Keeping the Faith: Who You Really Are

Pastor Ronnie McBrayer talks about the real you in this Keeping the Faith column.



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