Bible Quiz: Notable Quotes #5

Bible Quiz, Notable Quotes #5, is now available. Do you know who said this?


Businessman Shares Story of Spiritual Breakthough in New Book

A South Carolina businessman, James Trent, shares how God miraculously transformed his life in his new book, My Trip to God.


My Heart Will Smile Again — a New Book for Caregivers

For caregivers and those who have prayed for a loved one, only to have them die — My Heart Will Smile Again, by Angela G. Brunache.


Keeping the Faith: Hitting the Road

Pastor Ronnie McBrayer talks about the journey of faith in this Keeping the Faith column.


Bible Quiz — Notable Quotes #4

Check out the latest Bible Quiz and share it!


Seeing The Life – A Unique Take on the life of Jesus, by Sophie Dawson

See the Life, a new historical fiction book by Sophie Dawson, offers a closeup look at the life of Jesus — from the eyes of witnesses living in his era.


Keeping the Faith: Fight Like a Butterfly

If you’ve ever wanted the easy way out, this Keeping the Faith column is for you.


Bible Quiz: Notables Quotes #3

Take the Bible Quiz! This is Notable Quotes #3.


New Release! Belonging by Ruth O’Neil

A new book by Christian author Ruth O’Neil deals with shyness and isolation.


New Book, Appointed, Brings Hope to the Broken

Revell releases Appointed: Your Future Starts Now by Autumn Miles today.



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