New Album Highlights the Power of God’s Word

Seeds Family Worship has released a new album focused on the power of God’s Word.


Keeping the Faith: Another Brick in the Wall

When faith unravels because of life’s circumstances, it’s time to pick up the pieces and begin anew. That’s the message of this Keeping the Faith column by Pastor Ronnie McBrayer.


Uncluttered: A New Christian Book to Help You Achieve Your Goals

Author jeff Calloway wants to help you rid yourself of the spiritual baggage that’s keeping you from achieving your goals. Learn more.


New Website Helps You Tell Your Story for Jesus

The ministry Evangelism Explosion has launched a new website to help you tell — and share — your testimony about Jesus. Learn more.


Keeping the Faith: Lessons in Life

Pastor Ronnie McBrayer talks about how to break free of the need to curry the favor of man in this Keeping the Faith column.


Bible Quiz: Notable Quotes #12

Can you guess who said this? The Bible Quiz, Notable Quotes #12 is here.


Cloud-Based Children’s Ministry Curriculum Available

A new children’s ministry curriculum is now available. Learn more.


Keeping the Faith: I Remember

As we reflect on the sombering experience of September 11, 2001, let us remember love triumphs. That’s the message of this Keeping the Faith column by Pastor Ronnie McBrayer.


Bible Quiz, Notable Quotes #11

Check out and the share the Bible Quiz! Test your knowledge with Notable Quotes #11.


New Book Looks as Joys, Challenges of Adopting

A new Christian book, One Million Babies, by Gale Duran takes a close look at adoption.



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