Authors Try to Revive Purity Movement with New Books

Authors Clayton and Sharie King are trying to rekindle the purity movement with their upcoming book: True Love Project, and accompanying devotionals.

The Infinite Gospel Offers Easy-to-Understand Gospel Message

It’s longer than a tract, packing a power message for the unsaved: The Infinite Gospel.

Bible Quiz, Notable Quotes #7

Check out Bible Quiz, Notable Quotes #7, and share it!

Robert Bakke: Get Your Prayers Out of Neutral

Are you waiting for your prayers to be answered? Check out this insightful new book by Robert Bakke, who aims to provoke you to action.

Keeping the Faith: What a Wonderful World

Pastor Ronnie McBrayer takes an insightful look at our world, and it is — indeed — wonderful.

Bible Quiz: Notable Quotes #6

Bible Quiz: Notable Quotes #6 is now available. Do you know the answer?

Book about Biblical Names of God Slated for Release

The Name Quest, a book about the biblical names of God, is slated for release Oct. 7 by Morgan James Publishing. Learn more.

New Book Offers Help for Pastor and Other Public Speakers

A new book, The Cure for the Common Sermon, helps pastors and other speakers reach church crowds.

Keeping the Faith: Let Go… Or Be Dragged

Something inside us may want to fight our problems to the death, but God has a better way. That’s the message of this Keeping the Faith column by Pastor Ronnie McBrayer.

Florida Prisoners to Review Christian Books

A new partnership brings the Christian message to Florida prisoners at Wakulla Correctional Institute. Learn more.


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